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Question 1

All three are important, but when it comes to fundraising, my primary challenge is:

2 out of 7

Question 2

Topics that would help me in my fundraising goals are (select all that apply):

identifying and upgrading mid/major/planned donors
leveraging digital channels to find new donors
actionable data to help me understand my constituents so that I can communicate to them in a way to drive better results
taking a whole pyramid approach to raising funds
3 out of 7

Question 3

The amount of communication I receive is:

Too much
Just right
I want more!
4 out of 7

Question 4

I subscribed to Pursuant content because:

I don’t want to miss a webinar
I’ve gotten value out of long-form content (content papers, infographics)
I’m a loyal blog reader
I need help solving a fundraising problem
5 out of 7

Question 5

My favorite way to engage with Pursuant is:

Content Papers
Social Media
6 out of 7

Question 6

If Pursuant were to launch an online community I would:

Contribute thought leadership blogs
Volunteer to be a peer moderator
Actively participate in forum discussions
Visit the site to see what others are doing
Stay far, far away
7 out of 7

Question 7

Please share any comments that may help improve your experience as a subscriber or any other fundraising challenges that you'd like to see us tackle in the future.

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